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Tipsli is a paid link shortener, just like most shorteners to make money on It does this by displaying ads on your intermediate pages. Every visit you receive on your Tipsli URLs generates revenue for you. To request for the withdrawal you must reach the minimum amount for the payment method you have chosen. Find out about the rates and conditions on their website or visit the main ranking of to find out which are the shorteners that pay the most.

One aspect that does not add up about is its numbers at the time of writing this text (November 19, 2022). The number of users is tremendously high for not being a well-known shortener; 1,126,463 (more than 1 million). The data for shortened links is 9,624,475 (more than 9.5 million), which is consistent with the number of users. However, something does not add up with the visit data; These are 11,275,008 (more than 11 million), so on average, each link of the more than 9 and a half million has received little more than 1 visit.

Working from 2019-10-32 and added from 2022-11-20, Tipsli link shortener has not yet been included in the main list of This is because we are not yet analyzing their rates and therefore we can not show them always updated. If you want it that way and you think it's a legit url shortener you can vote for its inclusion using the vote button.

Los acortadores que más pagan:

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#1 - New and with good opinions, never missed a payment. 194 votes.
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#2 - ClicksFly: Came back after closing. 168 votes.
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#3 - Shrinkearn: One of the most reliable shorteners. 318 votes.
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#4 - One of the most reliable shorteners. 238 votes.

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The approval of Tipsli by external sources is 33%. With a total of 3: 2 say it's scam (66.67%). 0 say it's unrated (0.00%). 0 say it's legit (0.00%). 1 say it's new (33.33%). The sources are third-party sites with at least one page dedicated to this shortener.

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